As I chill on my day off from the grind I pore the organic vodka cause the age I am requires it now, I reminisce about the exuberant & outrageous former person I was. 2006 BIG DAY OUT it was the start of the fever, 2005 lit my fire I LOVE MUSIC FESTIVALS ha so it went again yep pay check to pay check but back then now it is all about saving the money for the next fix.

I remember this one because I am currently listening to the white strips and Nirvana mash up ummm goosebumps, and I say to myself oh I saw them didn’t I? Not Nirvana I wish.

As I search the line up there they are, 2006 you were good to me! This festival I don’t remember at all but I have the ticket so I must have went.

My Knees hurt can’t go!

As you get on in life the good memories of attending events and music venues fall to the back of the mind, your attention turns into my knees don’t work not doing that, or ewe too many people, I hate people and of course the…

Big Day Out 2005, first time for this festival it was organised with group bus leaving from Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast out to the parklands.

I finished graveyard shift at the GC Casino, got home & promptly lost our tickets only to find I had thrown them out…

Raana Press Play

Heading towards 40 and still unsure of what I am actually doing in life, calming my mind by getting some of it out, Music is one constant so Press Play.

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