Part 2 no more Meek Muppets

Big Day Out 2005, first time for this festival it was organised with group bus leaving from Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast out to the parklands.

I finished graveyard shift at the GC Casino, got home & promptly lost our tickets only to find I had thrown them out, after a quick heart attack and a fish through the rubbish we were on our way.

Once there I was in complete awe of what I was seeing, rides & stages everywhere the sun was out and touched our skin like a kiss.

The excitement of what the day was going to bring was so intense, the dr¥gs, $ex & Rock n Roll vibe we were about to immerse ourselves in was taking its hold thick and fast.

I remember seeing a walkthrough tent with misters and made a mental note of that, the bar locations, the smoking area & toilets now all the housekeeping was done of we go to play!

In the space of 1/2 an hour I had made friends with a little person, stocked up on beverages and found a pew on a hill, I was taking in the ambiance, while the group made their way to the boiler room.

I could hear all the different bands playing at different stages and rooms, content with my spot although it seemed like forever I finally had an idea and a brilliant one, go make some more friends and see the sights.

I remember vaguely meeting a dude that worked for Warner music, I ended up on stage dancing for channel V and next thing I know night was falling on us.

The excitement of the day was still well and truely still in full swing, as I wondered off through the crowds saying hi and hugging people as I went.

I found my people, he and I standing at the back of the crowd facing the stage, his name unknown & he happened to have a spare harmonica I don’t remember what band was playing but the pair of us on our harmonicas thought we sounded just like them and talked of being big stars one day.

There was so much more that went on and it all felt like it went in slow motion and fast forward all at the same time.

The bar line chats were epic, the toilet line chats more so and the continual dancing and hugging reminded me of Woodstock yet I wasn’t even born yet.

Sweet tunes all around us, happy smiling people not a single bad vibe existed that day not one.

I remember feeling absolute delight with every song I heard, my feet & body found every single beat in the air. Which band and what songs were playing who knew and who cared.

Eventually reality was setting in, the festival was coming to an end, the friends I made drifted off into the night, the friends I came with some how found where I was and we were on our way again, off to explore the night life in the centre of Surfers Paradise.

Once we found ourselves in a club after a massive day all I remember, was finding a cool leather couch in the dingy lit club and promptly fell asleep.

Music was pumping in my ear drums like a lullaby, people dancing and yelling all around me and funny enough not one security guard or Bar attendant thought to awake me from my slumber, I guess if I could sleep through the manic chaos of the club I must of needed it.

What a magical day and now I had a new found love of consuming my music. Cheers for the memories or lack of ha!